In Small Packages: Breitling unveils dashing new Bentley clock

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Put aside the massively powerful engines and the sheer prestige of the badge, and what sets a Bentley apart from ordinary vehicles is the attention to detail: things like thick carpeting, sumptuous leather, deeply lacquered wood and machined aluminum fixtures that make the cabin feel less like a car and more like something penned by Jules Verne. Even something as simple as the dashboard clock adds to the allure.

With the launch of the new, most powerful Continental GT Speed, Bentley's partner Breitling has premiered a new Swiss clock for the entire Bentley range. Like Jaeger-LeCoutre does for Aston Martin, Swiss watchmaker Breitling makes the dashboard clocks for Bentley road cars as well as a range of specially-designed wristwatches, like this most recent chronograph we reported on, bearing the winged-B icon that the two prestige brands share in common.

[Source: National Jeweler Network via The German Car Blog]

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