Cracking open a cold can of gasoline

Over at If It's Got an Engine, they wondered what the reaction would be to gas usage if we had to pour gas into our cars like beer: that is, in 12-ounce cans. The writer, who owns a 1991 BMW 750 iL, would need two cases of beer gas to get to work and back, every single day. His beer-can-per-mile came in at 1.6 miles-per-can. Even if he took his motorcycle that achieves 48 mpg, he would still need to use 16 cans every day to do the round trip commute.

Following that line of reasoning, people with Suburbans and the like would need to stick with kegs, and probably set up some kind of in-drive refueling system. If you can go with the cheap stuff, you're still looking at $10 per gallon for Labatt's Blue. Thank heavens we only drink the stuff.

Thanks for the tip, Dorri!

[Source: If It's Got an Engine]

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