That sound you hear are cracks forming in an embargo that's about to break wide open. Though Nissan had planned to officially unveil the GT-R at next week's Tokyo Motor Show, today's gaffe by Motor Trend in which an image of the car on its December cover was accidentally released has given other outlets reason enough to spill the beans and enjoy the ensuing onslaught of traffic. First up is AutoWeek, which has just published 11 new official images from Nissan shots taken at a media event a while back in Japan. While most are of the interior or details of the exterior, AW did include two clear shots of the entire exterior so we can more easily analyze the design. What we learn is that the GT-R will have a fairly straightforward dash design with a thick-rimmed steering wheel and large nav screen. This particular model appears to be an automatic and a (boo!), and additional shots reveal a useless back seatsurprisingly large trunk. There are likely many more official shots of the Nissan GT-R that have not yet been leaked, and we'll be trying to get our hands on high-res versions of each one all afternoon. Sit tight.

Click the Read link to view the rest of AutoWeek's Nissan GT-R images.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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