Wrightspeed creator wants to build series hybrid HD pickup truck

Our friend Mike Levine, the proprietor of PickupTruck.com recently had a chance to talk to Ian Wright. You may recall that Ian is the driving force behind WrightSpeed, the company developing an electric sports car called the X1 based on the chassis of the Ariel Atom. Ian may be a fan of electric cars but he also needs to drive a heavy duty pickup to haul lumber on his property. He is exactly the kind of person that GM had in mind when they started developing their two-mode hybrid system on their full-size trucks. Not everyone who drives a big truck does it just to look cool, many also use them for their intended purpose.
With that though in mind Wright wants to develop a series hybrid powertrain for use in heavy duty pickups. While a diesel HD pickup is actually quite efficient in terms of gallons per pound per mile when they are loaded, when they are empty they suck. An electric powertrain would be very efficient when the truck is empty and still has enough torque for loads. A big truck also has the space to package batteries under the bed that wouldn't be as available in a smaller car. Wright wants to develop the technology and then either license it to car-makers or build the systems and supply to them at assembly time. Check out Mike's whole article at PickupTruck.com

[Source: PickupTruck.com, thanks to Mike for the tip]

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