In the annals of automobiledom, few sports cars can touch the Porsche 911. The iconic two-seater has been constantly refined over several decades without a single drastic redesign, and it's hard to argue that one is needed. The German wonder car has received a steady regimen of more technology and more horsepower, but it never seems to get too much of anything at once.

The bloggers of all cars German (well, only Audi, VW, and Porsche) over at the German Car Blog found a great video that documents the slow but steady diet of change that has taken place over 50+ years. Click after the jump to watch the tires get wider and the headlights get flatter while the 911's body roll fades into history. You'll have to get over the yesteryear techno music, but the video is worth it.

[Source: German Car Blog]

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