Rumormill: Marcos bankrupt again

Word out of Holland -- and translated by Babelfish -- is that 40-year-old British car maker Marcos has gone bankrupt again. Most recently rescued in 2002, and headed by Tony Stelliga, a purported statement from the company cited an inability to get Marcos profitable or raise extra capital. There was no word on whether this would affect the racing division as well, which is based in the Netherlands.

If it's true, it's a shame to see the maker of the Manta Ray disappear again. The company just introduced its TSO coupe and convertible, powered by a Corvette engine and tuned by Prodrive, and it's probably the most elegant Marcos ever. Knowing Marcos' ability to repeatedly rise from the dead, it is entirely likely that we haven't seen the last of them just yet.

[Source: Auto Scoops]

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