Blog Action Day - just like every other day here on AutoblogGreen

The idea behind Blog Action Day (which is today) is to get the blogging community to all focus on one topic - the environment. For sites like AutoblogGreen, that's not hard; we'll just keep doing what we do. For sites that might have to work just a little bit harder (wedding blogs, for example), keep an eye on our new friends at Green Daily. They promise to keep this post updated with all the Blog Action Day action you can shake a recycled bamboo cane at.

The main resource in this call, of course, is over at the Blog Action Day main page. The organizers claim that 15,000 blogs are involved (15,001 now, because I just went and added AutoblogGreen), and will reach over 12 million readers. Those are impressive numbers. The organizers promise to return to this idea in 2008, so we'll be able to take stock at how the mission has grown by then. If there's one thing we can say for certain about people's concern for the environment is that it certainly will not have shrunk by then.

[Source: Blog Action Day]

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