Dutch fuzz get an E92 BMW M3 Coupe

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E92 M3 PoliceDutch speeders take note: the police have a new weapon in which to chase you down and write you tickets. And with its 420-horsepower V8, it's more than capable as a pursuit vehicle. The car, of course, is the new 2008 BMW M3, and if the burnout shot at right is any indication, the officers who get to drive the car are probably going to have a little more fun with it than the average patrol car. That's what we call a favorable work environment. And here we think it's cool when our local police departments get Chargers.

UPDATE: From a commenter - "It was a stunt from the local BMW dealer for the national police day, they removed the stickers the next day...same thing happened last year when the KLPD got a Spyker for a day."

Back to Opels (or whatever) for you, coppers!

Thanks for the tip, Lou.

[Source: M3Post]

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