Rendered Speculation: McLaren's supercar future

As McLaren closes in another Formula 1 drivers championship this year, the road car side of the business continues to labor away on a successor to Gordon Murray's masterwork, the mighty F1. The latest rendering of the new car features design elements from the original done by Peter Stevens, including the front air intakes, the swing-up doors and strakes on the sides. Rumors are that power will come from a V-8 in place of the twelve cylinder found in the original.
The most unique element of the F1 was the three seat layout, with the driver front and center. That yielded an ideal race car-like driving position, but it's unknown if McLaren will follow this path again. While the F1 was an engineering and performance tour de force it was a commercial failure. The original plan called for a production run of three hundred cars, but that was ultimately scaled back to less than one hundred including the race cars. The big question is will McLaren try to top the F1 or go for something more "accessible" like the Enzo?

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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