L.A. Auto Show Robocar: 2057 Honda 124 Solar Hybrid

click above image for more views of the 2057 Honda 124

The Car: Based on the assumption that future populations will be redistributed to the suburbs (didn't that already happen?), Honda's solution is a commuter car called the 124 (pronounced 1 to the fourth) that's actually four cars in one. The 124 is kind of the ultimate car for carpooling, as each module comes together to form a whole car that can take advantage of HOV lanes. The whole operation is solar-powered, and Honda claims that a single driver would not own the 124 outright, but that four people would own shares in it. Click here for Honda's convoluted diagram of how it all works.

The Future According to Honda: In a fit of desperation back in 2025, the people of Earth decided to incinerate their overwhelming amount of garbage by hurtling it at the sun. Aside from freeing up new real estate that once was occupied by landfills, this solution also created sunlight that provides a lot more energy than it did back in 2007 with the added bonus of leather-like tans taking all of five minutes. This has made solar-powered vehicles a reality (finally!). Unfortunately, the municipal cost of launching trash into space means humanity is poor from paying exorbitant taxes. As such, a single family can only afford 1/4th of a real car and must travel in HOV lanes with strangers.

Weirdness Factor (1 - I could buy that today, 10 - OMG WTF): 5

The annual LA Auto Show Design Challenge entries have been revealed and we'll be showing off the entire series today on Autoblog. The challenge's theme this year is "Robocar 2057" and we think each team tells a story with their design of how that particular manufacturer views the future in 50 years. We'll tell you those stories, which are entirely fictional, written by us and not associated with the actual automakers involved in any way, as we introduce you to the cars, and at the end of the day we'll have an unofficial poll to crown our own winner.

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