Video: Quiet, Obama's new TV ad has "Detroit" fuel efficiency joke

I am starting to feel sorry for Detroit. Leading Presidential candidate Barack Obama's new TV ad, titled "Quiet," tells a joke about going to Detroit and calling for a higher fuel efficiency standard. You can watch the video for yourself below the fold. Speaking to an audience, Barack explains he cannot accept sending 800 million dollars a day to hostile nations and in the bargain, melt the ice caps. Barack continues, saying, "I went to Detroit to insist we had to increase fuel efficiency standards. I admit, the room got kinda QUIET" (hence the title of the ad). The audience laughs. We need to tell them the truth they need to hear says Obama, the crowd applauds and the 30-second ad ends.

In August, I was shocked to hear CAFE mentioned in a TV ad at all. A few days ago I wrote about how John McCain went to Detroit and said we should "increase CAFE" and got "no applause." Yesterday, I wrote about a shift in the GOP debate to vehicle energy solutions, which included Sam Brownback saying, "I think one of the key answers is right here in Detroit." Why the sudden interest in Detroit, candidates? Is Detroit-bashing playing to the politics of the primary states or newspaper headlines? Maybe it's the energy bill debate, which includes a new CAFE standard, brewing in Congress?

Whatever the reason, Detroit, the political wind is not blowing your way. I suggest a little bending. Give Hill and Terry a call or something. You are the punch line to a joke in a TV ad. That can't be a good sign.

[Source: YouTube]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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