The basic idea behind the Land Glider or Personal Electric Transport from Renewable Power Source International (RPSI) is that it is a three-wheeled platform, battery powered vehicle. It is also quite adaptable, with different attachments to optimize it for either shopping, mobility or warehouse use. While it is purely battery powered, there is no wire/cable to recharge it. Instead, you charge the batteries in a wall-charger, then swap them out when needed. The host tells us a few times just how easy and light the exchange is, but did you just see the elderly market make a break for the exit? I did. The handyman market, though, just looked in the door when the host talked about running power tools off of the Land Glider's battery. You can even remove the battery from the vehicle and still use it to power your drill or vacuum. There's also a cool feature where you can charge the glider's batteries from your car as you drive to the work site.

I'm not quite sure what to make of the company, RPSI, though. Google tells me "Your search - 'renewable power sources international' - did not match any documents" and RPSI returns the Rheinland Pfalz Saar International, the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland, the Rapid Prototyping Society of India and Railway Program Services, Inc. Renewable Power Source International just joined YouTube two days ago. Anyone know more about them?

[Source: YouTube, thanks to Domenick for the tip and the snappy headline]

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