King Corn documentary opens tomorrow

Want to spend an hour and a half with corn, but don't want to eat anything or drive an ethanol-fueled car? Starting tomorrow, at least in New York, you can check out a new documentary film called King Corn. Two young men set about trying to grow corn in Iowa and take a look at just what's up with all this corn in America. The film doesn't get into ethanol (it focuses more on corn as food), but the film's upcoming release has given the media a chance to bring the biofuel into the debate. Earlier this week on the NPR show On Point, for example, ethanol made an apearance in a wide-ranging discussion that included the voice of Ian Cheney, one of the films writer/producers, and other corn/agriculture experts.

I expect quite a few of our readers will be interested in King Corn, as we can all agree that - even if the movie focuses its narrative elsewhere - corn is tied to ethanol like no other crop. The movie will continue limited screenings across America in the coming weeks, so check the website to see if it's playing near you.

[Source: King Corn website, On Point]

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