Tokyo 2007 Preview: Take your Suzuki PIXY to the track or beach

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SUZUKI PIXYIn the future, when walking is completely obsolete (in Japan, at least), and humans ditch their Nikes in favor of personal mobility devices like the Suzuki PIXY, mankind will still be able to take part in the fun stuff like driving sports cars and boating. We'll just have to do it from within the confines of our PIXY pods. In addition to the 2-person SSC (Suzuki Sharing Coach), Suzuki has come up with the SSF, a single-person sports car meant to accommodate the PIXY, and the SSJ, a PIXY-ready watercraft. Both will be presented (sketches of them, at least) at the Tokyo Motor Show this month. We're waiting for the day when future Tokyo concepts from the Japanese manufacturers eschew the human body altogether and simply turn us into wheeled versions of the B'omarr Monks from the Star Wars universe.

[Source: Suzuki]

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