Tokyo 2007 Preview: Nissan Intima concept

Click the image above for over 20 high-res pics of the Nissan Intima.

Among the concepts from Nissan set to debut in Tokyo, the Intima may be the closest thing to a production-ready vehicle we'll see. With an emphasis on Nissan's "Modern Living" design theme, both the interior and exterior benefit from a high-class aesthetic that mates clean styling with luxurious appointments, right down to the matching toiletry set included inside.

The exterior styling takes all the familiar Nissan design cues and stretches them across acres of sheet metal, from the headlamps to the windshield. Inside, Nissan touts an eclectic mix of highly stylized components, including a front passenger seat that swivels 80-degrees to allow better ingress and egress.

Nissan's full press release is after the jump and be sure to check out the huge gallery of images below.



A New-generation Saloon for People with a Sophisticated, Discerning Eye for Beauty - Who Enjoy Spending Time in Refined Elegance and Comfort, Whether Traveling Alone or with a Partner

* Intima takes Nissan's Modern Living Concept into a new dimension with an interior that invites passengers into an extraordinary world of artistic forms, materials and illumination.
* The front passenger's seat swivels approx. 80° to the outside, as if to welcome and escort a passenger into the car.
* Exterior styling that matches the interior's artistic image, with a design that combines sharp-edged lines and organic panel surfaces. Rich elegance is conveyed though Intima's arching side character line, while the crystal-like appearance of the front and rear lamps, grille and wheels project an image of superior quality and refinement reminiscent of jewelry.

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