Sydney 2007: Holden HSV Maloo R8 a "coupe with a damn big boot!"

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Those are the words of John Clark, Chief Engineer for the just unveiled Holden HSV Maloo R8 ute. Currently rotating on a stand in Sydney at the Australian International Motor Show, the HSV Maloo R8 looks like the combination of a Corvette and S-10, excepts it's so much cooler than you would imagine such a bastard love child would be. Take one garden variety VE Ute, add a body kit gets the point across, a motorized rear tonneau cover that can be controlled via the key fob and, oh yeah, a 405 HP LS2 V8 to make things interesting, and you'll begin to understand how Holden goes about making a Maloo. The trucklet, however, is worked by the HSV team, Holden's equivalent of SRT, AMG, SVT, etc. This means the rear-wheel-drive HSV Maloo R8 should be able to carve an Aussie corner as well as it can ripple pavement behind its rear wheels in a straight line.

The Holden HSV Maloo R8 will cost $59,900 AU, or about $53,778 USD. The only options are an automatic transmission for $2,000 AU and a performance pack that includes 20-inch wheels and GTS-inspired sport seats for an additional $3,750 AU.

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Holden Special Vehicles launch new Maloo Ute

Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has unveiled the hottest HSV Maloo R8 Ute ever as part of its 20th birthday celebrations at the 2007 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney today.

Part of the HSV line-up for more than ten years, the Maloo (an aboriginal word for thunder or storm) takes the concept of the sports utility to the next level, with a range of 'unique-to-HSV' features including;
  • Distinct sheet moulded compound (SMC) rear tailgate,
  • 307kW LS2 V8 engine,
  • AP Racing four piston brake package,
  • Group A Walkinshaw inspired side skirt,
  • New gore and suede HSV 'performance' seats,
  • Remote release hard tonneau with release button on main key,
  • Reverse parking sensors and
  • A 'performance pack' option consisting of full leather 'performance' seats and 20 inch wheels.
Managing Director of HSV, Mr Scott Grant, said the Maloo R8 Ute had redefined the Australian Ute market.

"Our team have done an outstanding job on producing a Maloo Ute like no other," Scott Grant said.

"Maloos striking visual appearance, performance characteristics and range of luxury appointments will make this Ute just as comfortable and distinctive on a dirt track out the 'back of Bourke' or cruising around the inner city streets of Sydney, Melbourne or any number of provincial cities across Australia where the Maloo nameplate has taken the iconic Ute to the next level."

Chief Engineer John Clark said the HSV Maloo R8 truly was a 'coupe with a damn big boot!'

"We began working on the all new Maloo Ute at about the same stage as the E series sedan, with the aim of building on the dynamics of the sedan," John Clark said.

"This Ute is HSV's most responsive ever and the comprehensive testing program we undertook around Australia and in New Zealand and Sweden, has resulted in the complete driving package."

The HSV Maloo R8 will make a dramatic visual impact on the road with its sleek sail plane and tough curves. Design Manager Julian Quincey and his team spent over two years working toward the end result.

"The HSV product group continually pushed the design of our E Series Maloo Ute to the limits and I am extremely pleased with the end result. It really does look like a showcar for the road and it must rate as the sportiest production Ute the world has ever seen," Julian Quincey said.

"As an English born and bred designer it is an honour to work on such an 'Aussie icon' as the HSV Maloo and I believe the end result reflects my team's passion for the product."

The Maloo R8 will retail from $59,990 (m). Options include automatic transmission for an extra $2,000 and a 'performance pack' which consists of 20 inch wheels and GTS inspired performance seats. This pack will retail for an additional $3,750.

The HSV Maloo R8 goes on sale from October at HSV Dealerships across Australia.

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