Renault Trucks's Hybrys, an urban, hybrid refuse collector

Renault Trucks has designed a new "innovative, urban, hybrid technology concept vehicle." I think this truck simply must have been named with an eye towards the Google age, to be the first result in an internet search. How else to explain the name "Hybrys"?

Anyway, the Hybrys is a parallel diesel hybrid concept truck designed for refuse collection. It would be powered by a DXi7, 320 hp engine, an Optidriver+ robotized gearbox and an MDS (Motor Drive System) electric motor. While the press release doesn't mention idling, it seems like there's a lot of potential to seriously reduce emissions while the truck is standing still thanks to a feature of a key-less start that can power up "the wholly-electric power system before the diesel engine takes over." The system does offer "very much lower fuel consumption."

Renault's press release also talks about the marque's natural gas trucks and the potential to use B30 in a truck like this. Renault will display the Hybrys at the 29e Salon du transport routier d'Amsterdam later this month. There's another image of the trash truck of the future after the jump.

[Source: Renault, h/t to Domenick]

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