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click above image for more pics of the Honda PUYO Concept

Honda's second concept that debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is the PUYO. The name is an onomatopoeia that, according to Honda, "expresses the sensation of touching the vehicle's soft body." Sounds kinky, but the PUYO's "gel body" actually is soft, which Honda claims increases safety. For some reason, we still wouldn't want to collide with one in a cross walk. According to this pic, however, the PUYO glows in the dark and therefore would be hard not to notice while crossing the street at night.

Since the theme of Honda's display this year is "For the endless joy of mobility on our earth," the PUYO is not surprisingly a green vehicle powered by a fuel-cell. It's design is that of a cornerless box, which provides the functionality of a cube-like design with a soft presence lacking any edges. The tiny wheels are at the extreme corners of the vehicle, and the pic above reveals that the PUYO can perform 360-degree turns in place. As the body turns to all glass above the beltline, it's apparent that Honda designers were intent on maximizing the feeling of spaciousness inside the PUYO. Just check out the size of those scissor doors!

Inside the PUYO you'll find an instrument panel monitor and a cloth dash that actually rises up when the vehicle is started, as well as a trick lighting system, "luminous fluid meter displays" and a joystick instead of a steering wheel.

Quirky and impractical probably best describes the PUYO, which is exactly what we expect from most concepts that debut in Tokyo.

[Source: Honda]


Honda Announces Automobiles to be Displayed at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007

TOKYO, Japan, October 9, 2007–Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it will exhibit production and concept automobiles and a number of technologies at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show (sponsored byJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.), to be held from Saturday, October 27 to Sunday, November 11, 2007, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

The theme for Honda's automobile booth for this year is: "For the endless joy of mobility on our earth". Based on this theme, Honda will display a variety of advanced environmental technologies that address environmental issues such as a reduction in CO2 emissions, together with the fun of mobility.

Two concept models will make their world premiere at the motor show. The CR-Z is a next-generation lightweight sports car equipped with Honda's original gas-electric hybrid system which achieves both clean performance and a high level of torque. The PUYO is a fuel cell vehicle which was designed based on out-of-box thinking to provide fun for both the vehicle owner and people around them as well. Also on display will be a model of the i-DTEC next-generation diesel engine, first announced in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which delivers both outstanding environmental performance and engine performance characteristics.

Moreover, the all-new Fit, which will go on sale in Japan in late October, will be on display. Since it was first introduced in 2001, the Fit has been widely acclaimed for its style, functionality, and outstanding fuel economy, with worldwide sales topping two million units. The all-new Inspire equipped with a new Variable Cylinder Management system, scheduled to go on sale in Japan later this year, will also be on display. Honda will exhibit a total of 18 vehicles representing 11 different models, including vehicles already on the market, those soon to be introduced, and future concept models.

In addition, a "Next Energy" display will showcase Honda's latest initiatives in new energy development, including technology for producing bio-ethanol from rice straw and the environmentally responsible next-generation thin-film solar cells, which will go on sale nationwide in Japan. Moreover, Honda's F1 and other racing machines that symbolize the challenge to realize new dreams and other advanced environmental technologies that enable people to enjoy mobility into the future will also be on display. Through these exhibits, Honda will propose a new direction for the future of mobility.

'PUYO' is a Japanese onomatopoeia that expresses the sensation of touching the vehicle's soft body. It is meant to convey a warm, friendly impression.

The PUYO represents a new idea in mobility that brings together 'clean', 'safe' and 'fun' functionality in an environmentally responsible, people-friendly minimalist design featuring an ultra-high efficiency, small frame and fuel cell technology to please both users and onlookers alike.

Exterior design
The development theme for the PUYO exterior was to create a cornerless, 'Seamless Soft Box' form that is kind to both people and the environment. The goal was to create a personable design with the feel of an adorable pet, while taking advantage of the maximum spaciousness of the box-shaped design. The PUYO's 'gel body' features soft materials to promote greater real-world safety. Moreover, the body has been made luminescent to guide people into the proper operating position and notify them of the vehicle's condition, facilitating a more intimate relationship between people and their cars.

Interior design
Developed to have a 'Silky Feel', the PUYO's interior is designed to provide a refreshing, people-friendly space imbued with a feeling of transparency. Features such as an instrument panel monitor, controls that take advantage of the elastic qualities of cloth to rise up when the vehicle starts up, luminous fluid meter displays, and a joystick for intuitive operation are all designed to gently support occupants' senses and sensibilities.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      This concept may not make sense to Americans, but to the Japanese and Europeans this would have some promise to it. Though I'm pretty sure nobody wants to replace their steering wheel with a joystick - at least I know I don't. Concept vehicles are the outlet for designers to dream. I think it's an interesting vehicle, but it wouldn't work for me where I live. But think bigger picture here - there IS a world outside of the United States that actually encourages small, efficient design.

      As Americans we are bit insulated to what works in much of the rest of the world. Small cars didn't appeal that much to me until I started traveling around the world and began to see the reason and surprising functionality of these types of vehicles in action. In the right setting, these vehicles are perfectly suited.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It's vehicular objects like this that make me lose faith in humanity.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Great looking pencil sharpner, right down to the flip up top to remove the shavings.
      Carolyn Engelhart
      • 7 Years Ago
      This may be very nice for small roads in Japan. I would not want to be in this car on a highway in America with a 4x4 pick-up or a suv on the road with me. With some of the bad accidents I have seen on the roads, I do not think this car would be safe.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I like it. Best thing about the Tokyo design show is the cars take a lot more risks than what you'd see at any other show in the world. I like their attempts at giving the cars faces and personalities; trust me, some of the ideas in this car will find their way to your shores eventually. And they will sell.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I like it. Best thing about the Tokyo design show is the cars take a lot more risks than what you'd see at any other show in the world. I like their attempts at giving the cars faces and personalities; trust me, some of the ideas in this car will find their way to your shores eventually. And they will sell.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Looks like something from out of space. Could this be ET's cousin?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Hey this is all like bumper car which i had play when i was
      7-8 yrs old, on the good day oldies!

      We should have something like flying cars, something like
      land speeder by now.
      It is such a disgrace on human technology, no matter what type of car u're driving, u still got stuck in the terrible jam &pay a very high cost on maintenance & gas!

      Human does have a very creative idea on technology but
      because of selfishness and greediness, technology and energy on earth does not fully explore to the high potential of its capability!
      • 8 Years Ago
      The new VW Bulli...wannabe
      • 8 Years Ago

      With ultra-small urban vehicles taking a good chunk of Japan's market, I'm not surprised that Honda would develop a concept like this. Emitting ultra low emissions, being very quiet and extremely manuverable, and using outside of the box materials, I have to admit it would have high appeal for the denizens of Tokyo and Kyoto. Like the Nissan Pivo.

      Concepts can be just exercises in stretching current/future technologies and design and then guaging the public reaction to it. If it plays well - some of it may make it into production, if not - work on another for the next auto show.

      Keep in mind Honda's showing it in Tokyo where the potential market is and not New York or L.A.
      • 7 Years Ago
      This is a modern day Fred Flintstone mobile. I would not even use it in racing on ice, one roll over or a hit from another car would not be a pretty sight. Now if you look at how many people live in China and Japan and at how crowded the streets are then maybe it will work out for them.
      • 8 Years Ago
      looks like a Brain Slug from Futurama...
        • 8 Years Ago
        *snaps fingers* THAT'S what it is!
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