"Intelligent" solar parking meters in Eastbourne in East Sussex, UK

Watch out for the new "supermeters" which are being installed in Eastbourne in East Sussex, UK. These meters can phone home when they detect that somebody is trying to damage one or if they sense that they need servicing. Perhaps most importantly for the safety of the meter are the calls home to be emptied of their cash.
Sure, all of those features are good for the meter's own safety, but why are they here on AutoblogGreen? That would be because they are solar powered. Why not? The meters sit outside all day anyway, so they might as well be collecting the energy that the sun is giving off. Solar power plus cellular calling also makes the machine wireless, which allows them to be placed wherever necessary and cuts down on unsightly and not-so-environmentally friendly cables.

[Source: Eastbourne Herald via Engadget]

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