TVR once again ready to get back on track

Earlier this year we reported that TVR had been sold to a pair of Floridian businessmen. In actuality, the sale was never consummated, and the company remains in the hands of Russian billionaire Nikolai Smolenski. Although it is still finding its way out of the woods, the company has laid out a recovery plan that could see it producing cars again as early as next year.

TVR has essentially pieced together a corps of suppliers that would provide it with parts that would then be assembled by Bertone in Italy. Design would be handled by TVR in Lancashire; engine consultant Ricardo is tuning TVR's 6-cylinder engine to 400 BHP and Euro 5 emissions specs; IM Kelly would supply trim; and Multipart would provide parts, as well as replacements for dealers.

TVR wants to make its '07 cars until 2009, when the newly designed vehicles would be ready, with projected production of 2,000 units. The entire plan would rely on -- as usual -- finding the money. TVR recently held a meeting with 60 potential dealers and investors, and the company is optimistic, but no one has even hinted at where the money might come from.

[Source: Autocar]

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