There is a 2008 Scion xB in the Autoblog Garage right now that you'll be hearing all about soon. One of the cool features of the new xB is a standard iPod interface that you can control from the head unit. Just plug in the iPod and the ID3 tag information displays on the radio. The knob on the lower right acts as a joystick so you can navigate the standard menus and you can even fast forward, reverse, and toggle shuffle or repeat modes. For all that cool stuff, there is one major fly in the ointment. After reading the manual and pressing all the buttons, there appears to be no way to pause the iPod. Once the iPod is plugged in, the click wheel is disabled so you can't even reach down and manually pause the unit yourself. You can mute it but it keeps playing. Why can you navigate playlists, artists and genres but not pause? If anyone out there knows of a way, please chime in via the comments.

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