Tokyo 2007 Preview: More pix of Suzuki's PIXY + SSC

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Suzuki PIXYDetails on Suzuki's Sustainable Mobility concept remain scarce. As we first reported last weekend, the package is comprised of the PIXY single-person pod and the SSC (Suzuki Sharing Coach) twin-pod mothership. Short of concrete info on how it works, we do have additional photos of Suzuki's womb-like pods and their communal express ride to baggage claim... or the supermarket or wherever. We'd love to explain why the side panels on the SSC open the way they do (the sills seem a bit high for non-PIXY'd passenger access), but we can't, as the details are still largely under wraps. Speculate away in the comments while we wait for Autoblog's Team Tokyo to get the rest of the skinny for us.

[Source: Suzuki]

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