Nissan's Eco Driving Advice will help avoid traffic, cut emissions

Dash mounted navigation systems are becoming rather common inside many new cars. Nissan believes that these navigation systems can be leveraged to reduce the CO2 emissions of their cars and trucks. In an effort to meet their stated goal of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of their automobiles by 70 percent by 2050, Nissan is working on a piece of software that will work in their cars called Eco Driving Advice. The software application will also sync with your home computer. Besides cutting emissions by 18 percent, the system offers a 20 percent time savings as well, as drivers should reach their destinations sooner than before.

One might think that the gas and time savings would be reward enough, but apparently not. According to Nissan's early tests, drivers quickly became acclimated to the system, but they also quickly stopped using it. In an effort to combat this problem, Nissan is considering offering rewards similar to frequent-flier miles. Hey, whatever works!

[Source: CNET via Environmental Leader]

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