Feathers fly when peacock procreates with car

You'd never guess that a bird could confuse something as big as a car for one of its sexual partners, but that's exactly what happened recently in England. A male peacock that lives in the grounds of an aristocrat's manor caused thousands of dollars of damage to a guest's Lexus when it attempted to procreate with it.

The car was left covered in scratches and will now require a full respray, with insurers, Lloyd's of London, left to foot the bill of £4,000 or $8,137.60 USD. The owner of the property, Benjamin Slade, revealed that insurers weren't happy with the situation, explaining "they've had claims for all sorts of things like lions biting people, but never have they heard of a peacock sexually attacking a car before."

The odd thing is that the car's paint color, coincidentally named Peacock Blue, matches the plumage of a male peacock (female peahens are brown), which has led some to speculate the culprit might in fact be gay. Though Gaywheels.com lists Lexus as being a gay friendly company, we can't comment on whether or not that extends to our gay avian friends.

[Source: IOL SA, WhatCar?]

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