Colombia investing hard on biofuels: 3 million Ha

It would be too easy to start this post speaking about Colombia's most famous crops (which both start with C) but this is about biofuels. The Colombian government has decided to apply the principles learned in El Salvador and plant 3 million Ha (about 7.4 million acres) of sugarcane and palm trees to obtain sugar-based ethanol and palm-oil for biodiesel production.
Hernán Martínez, Minister of Mines and Energy said that, "Colombia has enough territory to use for biofuel crops, without touching forest or natural reserves, and without competing with food crops". The plan is to convert land that is currently used for low-intensity animal farming into biofuel crops.

Two thirds of the land will be used to obtain palm oil and the remaining for sugarcane ethanol. Expected production figures are 400,000 barrels per year. 50,000 of those barrels would be for local use and the remaining for exportation. Currently, 70 percent of Colombian pumps sell E10 ( the plan is to have 100 percent sell E10 by 2009) and only 15 percent sell B5 (100 percent by the first trimester of 2008).

[Source: EFE via Econoticias]

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