The first batch of UAW workers have ratified the newly negotiated contract with GM, a possible sign that other union members will be following suit. Hourly employees at GM's Lansing Grand River plant voted in the new contracts in what's believed to be a landslide decision. Lansing's UAW rep Chris "Tiny" Sherwood wasn't willing to give exact numbers because of fears it could influence votes at the other GM factories but revealed workers "approved the agreement by a wide margin."

The new deal negotiated between GM and the UAW following the controversial strikes last week will see the establishment of a new health care trust that will hand over close to $50 billion worth of GM retiree health care liabilities to the unions. The contract also guarantees future vehicle assembly at most of GM's plants as well as the introduction of a two-tier wage system differentiating new staff and veterans.

The UAW has set an October 10th deadline for the rest of the members to hold their votes.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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