Daimler versus Benz comes to a (mast)head

Before the DaimlerChrysler union ended, shareholders and executives were fighting over the rightful name of the Stuttgart-based company. Management and the supervisory board want Daimler AG, but the "Benz faction" feels one of the company founder's names have been slighted in the process. Thankfully, all the bickering should come to an end today, as the Daimler AG name comes to a shareholder vote. If the measure passes, the German automaker will spend millions to update signage all over the world, and very few people will ever notice. It's not like Carl Friedrich Benz was slighted in any way; his name gets to be on the cars, and the only way we'll see the Daimler name is on a Jaguar.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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