The video above is Grease Car's Mini at AltWheels Boston 2007. The Mini is lime green and converted to run on vegetable oil. The diesel engine they put in the Mini was a little big, so the front of the Mini has an odd look with the tires slightly pushed out. The Mini was in a sidewalk booth but the organizers later had it moved it to the center of the show where more people could see it. Smart move, as the Mini was one of the cooler cars at the show.

The video also includes a look at a device Grease Car sells called the Co-Pilot. Usually, if you want to use vegetable oil effectively in your conversion, you must first heat the oil with the diesel engine's coolant. You can watch the coolant temperature yourself, then use a toggle switch to send vegetable oil instead of diesel to the engine. The Co-Pilot takes care of all that for you by watching coolant temperature and automatically switching the fuel lines.

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