Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd's Nick Mason takes to the 'Ring

Picture this – you're screaming around the Nurburgring in a not-insubstantial Rolls Royce Phantom, hammer down, stereo on, trying to complete a circuit of the 14-mile course before the woofers go still. Driving on the 'Ring certainly requires concentration, but for a drummer, sometimes you've just got to find the beat. So, when the drums come in, you're going to be compelled to tap along on the rim of the steering wheel, no matter what. Nick Mason impressed his passenger, a reporter from the Times of London, with his ability to multitask like this. Mason, the man on traps for Pink Floyd and noted car nut, had taken to the German racetrack to test himself. The challenge was to complete a single lap of the Nurburgring in the time it takes for half of " Shine On You Crazy Diamond" to play. While he didn't quite make it, a good time was likely had by all. We would like to know, however, if the accelerator pedal in his V12 Phantom has been replaced with a Speed King.
[Source: Inside Line]

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