Hitachi Transport System gets award for its distribution network

It seems that there's a lot to be done in freight transport to reduce its environmental impact. Even French truckers, a really tough breed, have their own proposals.
Over in Japan, the Japanese Federation of Freight Industries (JFFI) has awarded its Environmental Prize for Physical Distribution to Hitachi Transport System, Ltd (HTS), the 8th company given the award since the prize was established in 2000. HTS has created a corporate philosophy, called "Value mankind and nature," which aims to reduce the company's environmental impact.

How has HTS decided to do this? The key is focusing on transport needs and using modal shift services and an industry-wide information sharing platform, as well as by optimizing its core business of logistics operations through third party logistics (3PL) services. In plain English, they have sorted all modes of transport and choose the most efficient one for each situation. They also wait for the trucks to be full and share information with customers. To fill those trucks up quicker, HTS also offers their transport services to other companies.

HTS is using also a greener packaging design, has redesigned its distribution system and has installed waste recycling systems. By streamlining transport operations, less energy is being used to haul it, even within the warehouse.

[Source: Japan for Sustainability]

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