BMW. Diesel. Twin-Turbo. U.S. WooHoo!

Finally! We can now write a post featuring a diesel from BMW and tell you that it's coming to the United States. Soon, drivers in America will be able to purchase a BMW model, the 3-Series for instance, and get it with a 3.0 liter twin-turbo diesel six cylinder. BMW would like consumers to think of this engine as an alternative to hybrid models. Although BMW entered an agreement to develop and market hybrid vehicles with GM and DaimlerBenz/Chrysler, they believe that many of the same benefits that hybrids enjoy can also be had in a diesel. They are probably right, considering that the diesel engine will be no performance slouch, offering 286 hp and 427 lb-ft. (578 Nm) of torque. In addition, when installed in the 3-Series, the diesel will return 35 miles per gallon in the combined cycle. With numbers like those, it would compare rather favorably with Lexus' so-called "performance-hybrids". The last hurdle will be the price, and according to our source article, expect to pay a $2,000 - $3,000 increase over the regular 3.0 liter gas engine. Considering how good that gas engine is, it might be a tough-sell for those looking at nothing more than the sticker price. Because the diesel model will look pretty much the same as the regular model, those looking to show the world their green-ness may look elsewhere, but for those who truly care about their fuel usage and their emissions, this diesel may be just what they were waiting for.

[Source: Wards Auto via Autoblog]

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