Arden goes to great lengths improving Jaguar XKR

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We have heard plenty of people wishing that the Jaguar XKR had more power. And while we've also heard of people who weren't sold on its styling, we have never heard of anyone wish the car had an aftermarket body kit appended. So Arden's latest work on the Jaguar XKR is bittersweet, as the company giveth the power, but taketh away the elegance.

The engine is enlarged from 4.2 to 4.5 liters using a specially made crankshaft, and it also gets new con-rods and pistons, an altered exhaust and a revised intake. The tweaks give the car 480 BHP and 472 ft-lb. New, progressive-rate springs lower the car 1.2 inches, all the better to fit over some hot wheels (they did get that part right).

Outside is all vents, bulges, scoops, and slots. Regardless of its brutishness, the body kit does help the car slide through the air from 0-60 in just over 4 seconds, on to a 177 MPH top speed. That makes it the fastest Jaguar coupe around, and that's got to be worth something: specifically, 160,650.00 euros. Ouch. Follow the jump for the full press release, and be sure to check out the gallery of hi-res images.

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Arden rebuilds this eight-cylinder engine from scratch and sharpens the claws of this big cat by increasing its displacement.

The displacement increase to 4.5 l is achieved by fitting a crankshaft specially produced for Arden, along with new con rods and pistons. Arden elicits an impressive 480 bhp / 353 kW and an awesome torque of 640 Nm at 3.850 rpm from its supercharged 4.5 l V8 engine.

The Arden body modification underlines not only the powerful character of the Arden XK AJ20 but it also increases the aerodynamic efficiency of this real sport car.
The aerodynamic was intensively tested and optimised in the wind tunnel with the effect of a better air drag coefficient combined with higher down force for superb handling.

While testing the AJ 20 on the high speed course at ATP Papenburg a top speed of 305 km/h makes the XK AJ 20 Coupe the fastest Jaguar currently on the road.


Kerb weight 1720 Kg
Capacity 4169 ccm
Max. power 306 kW (416 PS)
0-100 km/h 4,1 sec

Vehicle Color on demand
Transmission 6-speed automatic
Body Arden AJ20 Bodykit, air-vents, Arden bootlid spoiler, Arden mirror indicators
Exhaust Arden complete high-performance exhaust system
Wheels Arden Sportline Wheel 3-piece 9J x 21"/10,5J x 21"
Interior aluminium pedal set incl. footrest, Jaguar Luxury-Sport-Package

Price incl. VAT: 160.650,00 EUR
Net price: 135.000,00 EUR

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