OMG! SMS <3 CO2-neutral (perhaps Avis is making this too easy)

Avis has certainly been making it a point to reduce the CO2 footprint of its fleet, by doing things like adding hybrid and CNG vehicles. Today, Avis UK announced that drivers don't have to use anything but their thumbs to make a rental CO2 neutral. If I knew anything about SMS, I'd use some hipster neo-word to express just how cool that is. Or maybe how lame, as it's kind of both.
Here's how it works: UK cell users text the word 'neutral' to the number 01234, pay £1.50 and their rental is made greener by the ever-popular CarbonNeutral. Only in the last few days have people been able to download music directly to their iPhones, but we can already plant a tree or buy like an inch on a wind farm's turbine blade on our phones? Cool. Or is it lame?

[Source: Avis]

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