Jim Press says Chrysler will offer alternative drive versions of all models

In an interview with the Detroit News, new Chrysler Vice-Chairman Jim Press talked about the company's alternative fuel vehicle plans. Press stated that the company expects to offer some kind of alternative drive-train option in every single one of the model lines. The Grand Cherokee already offers a diesel option this year and the Two-Mode Hybrid system is coming to the Durango and Aspen twins next year. Earlier this year, product development boss Frank Klegon also said that the Two-Mode and mild hybrid systems will be applied to other vehicles as well.
Although Press gave no timing for any of the new applications, he did say that now that the ownership situation has been settled, new product plans are being accelerated. Chrysler in particular has lagged behind both their domestic and foreign competition in the alternative drive area. He did say that the future mix will include plug-in hybrid, diesel hybrid, fuel-cell hybrid in addition to gas hybrids. The recently announced ENVI division will be taking the lead on pulling these programs forward to production.

[Source: Detroit News]

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