Jim Press: Every Chrysler to have alternative option

Cerberus has opened up the corporate wallet, and Chrysler is spending the cash to infuse their lineup with alternative powertrains. New Chrysler product boss Jim Press told the Detroit News that diesels, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and diesel-hybrids are among the technologies "in the mix," and that every vehicle will eventually have an alternative to the gasoline combustion engine. Full electric and hybrid-only models are also on the table, as Chrysler looks to shift away from the heavy, fuel thirsty body on frame SUVs that dominate the automaker's current lineup. Press didn't give any dates when we can expect all these alternatives to hit a dealer near you, but we do know the two-mode hybrid Durango will start the green parade in 2009.
With the bold statement by Mr. Press and Chrysler's project " ENVI," the Pentistar sounds serious about putting metal into motion using oil burners and electricity. With the Auburn Hills-based automaker behind all other major automakers in the hybrid race, it seems that Chrysler's pro green stance couldn't have come soon enough.

[Source: Detroit News]

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