eBay Find of the Day: Lincoln Mark VIII-amino

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How is it that people convert only those cars into pickups that you'd never expect to have a bed in the back? Take this gem found on eBay, a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII-amino. The svelte coupe from the '90s that wore its aerodynamic design proudly has been carved up so that now you can haul an ATV without a trailer. The conversion actually appears well done, with no rusty jagged edges from an inexpertly wielded Sawzall to be found. Although the fit and finish of the bed isn't up to Lincoln standards, so best to leave the tonneau cover on at all times. It's also got the 4.6L V8 still and a new custom exhaust, so it can move quick and potentially carry a lot of weight, at least as much as the Mark VIII's air suspension can handle before it pops. With five days left on the auction, bidding is at only $1,025.00, which tells us Lincoln made a shrewd move by not offering a pickup as an option. It's too bad the brand didn't act so shrewd when it produced the Lincoln Blackwood and Mark LT pickups. Lesson learned: Lincolns and trucks should remain two separate things at all times.

Thanks for the tip, Philip!

[Source: eBay]

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