The video above is a look at the Ford Edge plug-in at AltWheels Boston 2007. The Edge concept is a plug-in electric car with a fuel cell range extender. If it were for sale, you could charge the Edge's lithium-ion batteries by plugging it into a 110- or 220-volt socket or use the fuel cell range extender if the batteries run low. The Edge has one motor in the back and another in the front allowing it to be a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or both.

The video includes a look under the hood of the Edge plug-in. The Edge plug-in breaking system is a combination regenerative and standard hydraulic breaking. I was really surprised to see there is a lot space around the electric motor. Why is that? The Edge is based on a production car which has a much larger space for a gas motor. To be fair to the gas engine on size, the hydrogen tanks take up a lot more space than the regular gas tank.


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