RAZR brings phone/car integration to new heights

Cell phones help us communicate with others at all times, but for the millions of motorists who like to gab on the phone while driving, these devices can become the kind of distraction that causes plenty of harm. In Russia, using a cell phone while driving is against the rules, so the viral marketing exercise above was created to remind citizens of the inherent danger in talking or texting while driving.

After seeing how the above RAZR caused irreparable damage to an otherwise perfect Mercedes, we think the Russian government drove home the point. It's crystal clear Kremlin, thanks! The only thing more amazing than the cataclysmic damage caused by this phone is that in this day and age there are still phones that big. Uh, Zack Morris called Vlad, he wants his brick back.

Check out more pics of the danger RAZR here.

[Source: English Russia via Engadget]

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