Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki PIXY + SSC

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It wouldn't be the Tokyo Motor Show without one of these extremely Japanese forays into the bizarre, right? All the ingredients are there: single-person trans-pods with pastel interiors, all-caps acronyms, and a geometric, omnidirectional "mothership" to haul them around. This sustainable mobility concept is called PIXY + SSC. PIXY is Suzuki's low-speed, three-wheeled, single-passenger runabout. Two PIXYs can be driven into an SSC (Suzuki Sharing Coach), a hexagonal vehicle that resembles the downtown Miami Metromover or any number of intra-airport people mover systems. Once loaded with two PIXYs, the SSC acts as a car, transporting the pair to another location together. It looks like the lead PIXY operator becomes the driver of the SSC, whose side trim and corner markers are then illuminated in red to denote which end of the symmetrical vehicle is the rear.

UPDATE: English-language press release added

[Source: Suzuki]

Exhibition summary of 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Suzuki Sustainable Mobility (PIXY + SSC)

Suzuki will unveil a new people-focused vehicle concept at Tokyo called Sustainable Mobility.

It consists of a single seater low-speed transport pod called PIXY and a minicar-based mobility unit called the Suzuki Sharing Coach (SSC) which forms an automobile when paired with the PIXY.

PIXY and SSC together deliver personal, shared urban transportation in line with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Next Generation Vehicle and Fuel Initiative, aimed at realizing the world's most people-centred motorized society.

PIXY is a one person transport device based on the concept of 'friendly' mobility. Moving at low speeds on footpaths and inside buildings, it's enjoyably easy to operate, even for people unable to drive conventional cars.

The SSC is a minicar-based mobility unit, which can hold a maximum two PIXY units.

PIXY is not the only unit SSC can be coupled with. It can also be paired with a sports car unit called the SSF and with a marine unit called the SSJ, resulting in a new kind of personal mobility and sharing system.

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