Tokyo 2007 Preview: Suzuki Biplane

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From the two-wheeled side of the business, Suzuki will present the Biplane concept motorcycle in Tokyo next month. If you're looking for a bunch of technical details, all we can tell you for certain is that it's powered by a V4 of undetermined size. Beyond that, this particular design study is aircraft-inspired in that the intent is to give the rider the same feeling as being in an open-canopied biplane. Seeing as how all motorcycles put the rider close to nature, we're not sure how the Biplane's different than any other bike in this regard. The styling's neat, though. Looks like something freshly torn out of a Hot Wheels blister pack!

[Source: Suzuki]

PRESS RELEASE (Translated):
Exhibition summary of 40th Tokyo motor show 2007

Suzuki Biplane

The request that was included, you feel the enjoyment of the motorcycle in many people, would like to have having interest in the motorcycle " "the design proposition model which designates the joy of running by the motorcycle" as shape " is. You propose in order to have representing the common feeling which is felt from the vehicle where ", it designates the kind of image which is riding the airplane" as keyword, calls the motorcycle and the airplane and is different completely. Although it is the machine, the bosom which makes tenderness feel it forced and "the biplane" (bi- the plainness) designated modelling as design motif, it expressed the open impression of not being covered in the canopy. The engine has designed V type 4 cylinder engine in vertical ranging.

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