AIGP hesitantly convinced to keep trying ethanol in race cars

Despite some "technical issues," the new A1GP World Cup of Motorsport will move forward to using 30 percent ethanol blend in the 22 A1GP race cars, the association announced this week. For now, though, the E30 problems are mostly performance related, so "A1GP has therefore reluctantly reverted to its regular race 102 octane fuel while further development and testing work continues to rectify the situation with the intention of introducing bio-fuels to all A1GP race cars as quickly as possible."

It was a technical team in the UK, made up of A1GP experts and engine and fuel supplier who, "remain unconvinced that the fuel blend will continue to give the required engine performance over a more sustained period of time."

Since 2004, A1GP has tried to bring something new to global racing, and last month introduced a THINK Greener Racing policy. It looks like for now the emphasis is on the think.

[Source: A1GP]

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