Being one of the greenest folk of Middle Earth, hobbits are particularly fond of not only the environment, but anything environmentally friendly. The Toyota Prius is their favorite mode of transportation this side of a pony. They have been sensing, however, the smog of evil creeping towards the Shire, and in an effort to halt its advance are trying to educate people on the magical wonders of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive.

This man in the video calls himself Hobbit, and while I do know his real name, we agree that his alias suits him better. He claims to be the Toyota's lowest-paid salesman because of how much publicity he has given them over the past couple years. He is trying to promote and distribute information on using the Prius to its full potential, maintaining it properly, and driving more economically and intelligently. He is a strong believer in the information exchange of the internet, and surfaces on blogs and message boards throughout cyberspace. The above video was shot at Hybrid Fest 2007 in Madison, WI. Despite his eccentricities, Hobbit has a wealth of knowledge and enough personality to perhaps save the Shire and the rest of Middle Earth.

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