Citron settling into new/old digs at C42, just look at these pics

No. 42 Avenue des Champs Elysées has been a part of Citroën history since 1928. For years, the building was Citroën's international showcase and this weekend a revamped C42 once again takes on that title. Of course, this being 2007, C42's new theme is "Sustainable Innovation."

C42 was designed by Manuelle Gautrand, and if you look at the front facade, I think her dream was to trap stunt kites in glass. She's succeed. Inside, Citroën's from throughout the company's history are sprinkled throughout the museum/ advertising building.

C42 will open to the public tomorrow. If you can't make it to Paris, you can visit via pictures. One thing's for sure, Citroën knows how to hire a damn fine photographer. Just look at the pictures in the gallery.

[Source: Citroën]

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