Autoblog Project Edsel part 2 - Paint, round one

Yeah, so that didn't work out so well. At least I'll get more practice painting. Project Edsel's time for primer had come, so I thinned some Tamiya X21 into the reservoir and fired up the compressor. It took a while to figure out the proper flow and pressure setting (a pressure gauge would be helpful to adjust the compressor's regulator), but once everything was connected up and filled, I was ready to shoot some paint.

X-21 is not really primer, it's more of a dulling agent that you add to other paints. Whoops. I also came up the learning curve, meaning I sprayed some areas far too heavily and got runs and sags. It'll be easy to start again, though, since it just rubs off the body of our '58 Pacer. All is not lost, however. Thinking of it as a trial run means I'll be able to get better results when I actually shoot the right paint on the thing, and it also serves as a guide coat, showing me areas on the body that need some attention with sandpaper.

It was also a good shakedown of my fabulous duct tape, styrofoam and cardboard "paint booth." The scavenged Pottery Barn furniture packing materials proved to be just the ticket for keeping the overspray off my patio set. Suspending the pieces off the styrofoam with toothpicks wasn't terribly successful, however. I'll have to work that one out a little further. So, in a perhaps overly hasty rush to get some color on the flanks of our project car on a blogging budget, it turned into mostly disappointment. Oh well, I'm glad it's not a 1:1 kit.

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