ATM and the Accord in today's Friday Humor: Could smaller engines reduce crime rates?

You've probably heard the stories of thieves who steal ATM's full of cash by chaining them to a car and driving away, right? While it is no doubt a bad idea to attempt this crime in the first place, doing so with a weak-engined car is an even worse idea. The Honda Accord that two thieves from Kingsport, Tennessee chose for the ATM heist did not have the required power to dislodge the ATM from its resting place inside a Walgreens pharmacy. The four-cylinder Accord is just too virtuous for this type of duty I guess. One of the criminals confessed to a separate burglary which had taken place earlier in the month. Sheesh, if the first attempt went so well, maybe he should have considered buying a better car!

[Source: Asbury Park Press]

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