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Surprise!!! Duesenberg revival delayed

The expected Duesenburg revival has not materialized as of yet, despite the fact that the new model was initially promised for this year. Surprised? Neither are we. But, Hemmings Auto Blogs decided to do a little bit of digging and they found that the website for the new car has been updated, and now shows a release set for the middle of next year. Built on Mercedes underpinnings, the Duesey will be complete with some sort of alternative powerplant which the makers claim will be capable of 300 horsepower while returning 70 miles per gallon and running on flexible fuels. That engine looks to be based on a pump from EP Industries. We are not so sure that anything will come of this planned revival at all, but thought you might like to know about it anyway.


[Source: Hemmings Auto Blog via Autoblog]

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