Spy Shots: BMW M3 sedan and convertible caught

Where do BMW fans go on vacation? The 'Ring, of course. If you're taking that type of jaunt, you'd be forgiven for leaving your pants at home, but should you neglect to pack the zoom lens, woe unto you. With the E92 M3 arriving in the hungry driveways of customers, the Bayerische wizards are readying sedan and cabriolet versions of the M3, and a quick New Jersey BMW enthusiast snapped the cars near the Eifel mountain's most famous attraction. The sedan's looks don't improve, and the 3-series cabrio is already the best looking car they've currently got, so there's nothing outwardly earth-shattering about the new flavors of M3. Performance-wise, though, the four door and floptop flavors of the M3 will share the palpitation-inducing abilities of the coupe, and let's not forget about the upcoming CSL, which sheds weight and ups the ante. More variants of the uber-3 equals more fun for everyone. We're holding out for a wagon, so the whole family can don helmets and go rippin' around.
[Source: Fast Lane Daily]

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