Next-Gen Astra likely to have a 2nd-generation mild hybrid

It looks like the Volt won't be the only alternative-power variant of GM's next generation Global Compact Car or Delta platform. While Delta is the source of a lot the hardware for E-Flex, it is also the basis of the Opel/Saturn Astra and the Chevy Cobalt. German magazine Automobilwoche is reporting that a hybrid version of the next Astra is under development. That much is almost certainly true but they are also reporting that the Two-Mode Hybrid system is being used.

While a front-wheel-drive version of the Two-Mode system will debut in the Saturn Vue later in 2008, it is probably far to expensive to be practical in the Astra. Much more likely is the second generation mild hybrid system that was shown in an Opel Corsa at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The 2nd gen BAS system will use a stronger alternator starter and a lithium ion battery. This will allow it to be coupled to smaller engines and be more useful.

[Source: MotorAuthority]

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