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Condi tells the world to clean up the fuels we use

Here's the recipe that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asked "the world's biggest polluters" to cook up in their economic kitchens:
  1. mix moving towards energy sources that "reduce global warming"
  2. with no harm to your economy.
Sound like a good idea? Sure. Sound feasible? That's another story. During a two-day conference on climate change, Rice said that the U.S. (surprise, surprise) favors voluntary actions over those messy international agreements and treaties. Perhaps Rice's ride in the all-electric Tesla Roadster back in May (pictured above) has got her dreaming.

Specifically, Rice said, "Let me emphasize that this is not a one-size-fits-all effort. Though united by common goals and collective responsibilities, all nations should tackle climate change in the ways that they deem best," according to the AP. The White House is making it clear that this conference "will emphasize creating more diplomatic processes to find a solution to global warming, rather than setting firm goals for reducing carbon dioxide and other gases blamed for heating up the atmosphere."

Thankfully, not everyone was so blasé about the challenge. Dozens of protesters were arrested today outside the State Department, calling the conference a "fraud" and a "diversion."

[Source: John Heilprin / Associated Press]

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