Wipe your feet: Toyota recalls 55,000 floor mats

Toyota plans to recall 55,000 all-weather floor mats that have been blamed for unintended acceleration in 40 complaint reports collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Owners who filed complaints reported their floor mats, which should normally be secured by clips, had become stuck under the acceleration pedal. Toyota, however, has said that in some cases these all-weather mats were merely placed on top of the standard floor mats, rather than being secured with their clips. Regardless, the sticking floor mats have led to eight crashes and 12 injuries.
Though only affecting floor mats sold with the Lexus ES 350 and 2007/08 Toyota Camry, the NHTSA is also warning Toyota Prius, Avalon, RAV4 and Tacoma owners to check and make sure their floor mats are properly secured. The potential for an accident to occur is much greater in the Lexus ES 350, however, because it's equipped with a push-button ignition so that the engine cannot simply be turned off by a key if an owner experiences unintended acceleration.

Toyota will notify owners of the affected vehicles in October and replace the floormats in November. If you own a Toyota or Lexus and opted for the all-weather floor mats, check to make sure they're secure before your next drive.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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